Cross-country skiing ends in northern Lapland

From one Finnish classic hobby to another. This time it was skiing and something we really enjoyed trying when we came to Finland.

The premise is pretty simple: you take a pair of skis and a stick and hit one of the many trails to practice and explore the forest. Sounds easy, right? After a few hours of lessons and exercises, it was unexpected! We are by no means experts, but skiing has proven to be one of our favorite experiences in Lapland. There is something very magical, when you go into the winter wooded wilderness, you can explore for yourself in a peaceful and peaceful way.

If you’ve skied before, cross-country skiing isn’t that hard to figure out, and we recommend trying Lapland. The biggest difference? The skis are smaller, narrower and lighter, and even if you attach your feet to the skis, you can take the heel off the ski for easier movement. Easy!

Hunting for northern lights

Ah Finland, the home of Aurora Borealis, which occurs about 200 days a year. What a great opportunity to see it! Or so we thought.

Aurora Borealis ’hunting experience there is one of our most frustrating travel experiences. We had incredibly lucky weather conditions in many of our adventures that it ended at some point. And unfortunately, the weather didn’t work with Aurora Borealis ’time search.

Despite a week in Lapland and countless hours outside on a cold night, the northern lights proved almost difficult to reach, until one night in Inari I got only the slightest glare in the night sky, only the slightest glare.

I have been in the cold for 3 hours. It was now 23 and -22 ° C. I was cold, my limbs started to freeze again and I seriously considered returning. But then I noticed something above me.

It started to look like a white cloud just above me. But it moved in a unique way, seemed to stay still, but still tore me. I turned the camera over to capture it and suddenly it exploded green and just swam over me. It was really mysterious and all I could ever say to myself was “this is it, this is it”! In the thrill, I sent these 2 pictures of my little experience with the northern lights.

Cruise aboard the Sampo icebreaker (and pole diving!)

After having an ice sauna after our smoke sauna experience, you would think we would be tired of throwing ourselves into the icy water. But no! If we love something, it’s a unique experience we can’t get anywhere else. And so we were here in a Wetsuit on an icebreaker in the Back Sea, ready to jump into the frozen Arctic Ocean! Maybe we should rewind a little. Earlier that day we boarded the Sampo Icebreaker, which is the only tourist wreck in the world, in the port of Kemi in Lapland. We had left the harbor and our mighty ship had been crushed through huge ice shelves. Surrounded by vast white, we had seen with respect from the outer deck as our ship ripped, trembled, and ascended dramatically to make its incredible voyage across the Arctic ice sheet.

It was truly amazing if a surreal experience. The suits keep you dry, but also keep you afloat, so you don’t have to do anything, sit down and enjoy a surreal experience.

On your back, in the frozen ocean next to the hull of a giant icebreaker, there’s something strange, but we didn’t complain, it was a great experience, and if you’re taking an amazing icebreaker cruise, you must have ice – Try the Dip! It was a little different than when we threw ourselves into the icy waters of Antarctica!

Slept in a snow hotel

If you are in Southwest Lapland (maybe already booked for a Kemis Sampo Icebreaker cruise, as we just mentioned!) Then you should consider this second unusual and completely unique winter experience in Finland!

It attracts thousands of tourists every year and is a fascinating winter monument to the small coastal town of Kemi. Especially built every year, you can visit the “SnowCastle” and even spend about 3 months a year at the “SnowHotel” (usually from January to March). While this is something new in tourism, we couldn’t resist trying the experience for even one night, and here’s what to expect