Lake or Lapland? Finland unpacked

Oh, we all know that Finns have their own stylish lifestyle! But there’s a lot more to it than their cinnamon sticks, endless summer evenings, coffee and of course … their sauna. Although Helsinki is a chosen city, and locals flee along the coastal group to the autumn forests of the ancient capital, Turku, the central and northern parts of the country hide the beauty of the country. See the best places to visit in colorful Lakeland and then in snow-covered Lapland. And figure out how to get there. Just chat with friends.

Lake Vuoksa

The small island of Okunevy in the middle of Lake Vuoksa separates Finland from Russia. Therefore, it connects Lake Ladoga to Central Finland and is one of the most beautiful kayak destinations when the sun rises on the Russian horizon.


The journey through Finland is never complete without experiencing the natural habitat of the country’s national animals. Brown-gray ones spread through forests on the Russian side of the lake area and on the Lapland border. The good time is from mid-April to early June, when the bears just wake up from sleep.

Saimaa alone

This beautiful lake is located in the middle of the two cities of Lappeenranta and Imatra along the Russian border. Coasts are also said to be rich in asbestos-ceramic deposits and are used in certain types of ceramics.

On the shores of the lake is also the town of Savonlinna, where locals flock to the majestic Olavinlinna Castle for a short summer holiday and the annual opera festival. See some of the most mythical castles in Europe.

Add Päijänne

This lake is best known among Finns for its scenic fishing holiday from the city of Lahti to Jyväskylä. The clean waters of this soft lake offer fishermen challenges, catches and many beautiful attractions. Oh, and they know how to live in style after a long day in the water and a good catch. These are the kind of cottages that the average family uses.

Oulanka National Park

This landscape refers to the phrase “lost in the snow.” The park, which is spread in the northern part of Ostrobothnia and Lapland, extends to a large area of ​​untouched nature. The natural oasis delights visitors with fun activities and views. Oulanka is one of Finland’s most popular national parks and is open all year round.


Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland in Finland and the home of Santa Claus, is located in the Arctic Circle and is the best Christmas trip if you are planning a holiday with your children. This part of the Lapland region awaits Christmas from Santa’s Village to Angry Birds Activity Arena and Ranua Wildlife Park all year round.