Snowshoe hiking in the beautiful Urho Kekkonen National Park

An easier but still fun activity in Lapland is to explore some of the many beautiful areas and national parks. There are several mapped routes near the Kiilopää mountain center, which is located in the eastern national park of Urho Kekkonen National Park (Finland’s second largest national park), so we decided to explore with snowshoes – another new experience for us!

We found that snowshoes were a great way to get to parts of snow-covered hikes that we otherwise couldn’t have crossed. Again, snowshoeing was surprisingly easy to get used to and they were great for finding your own quiet and peaceful areas. We were absolutely amazed at the natural beauty of this area and would love to come back one day for more skiing and snowshoeing!

Try solid Lapland food

Last but not least, the highlights of Lapland should be a special mention of the delicious and rich food we encounter. As food lovers, we had done our research and couldn’t wait to try some of the local ingredients. Fortunately, it did not disappoint!

From delicious soups to light seafood to heavier stews and steaks, we loved keeping cool outdoor activities with a fabulous hot buffet or gourmet menu!

The soups are a Finnish favorite, and they are often accompanied by freshly baked healthy rye bread, so it was good for us stapled at lunch. Usually follow locally caught fresh fish or meat for dinner with deer rivets for Lapland seed culture. While it wasn’t our favorite, there were always plenty of options, so every meal was an exciting event … yes, we love food!

Final thoughts

That’s it. A full tour of your favorite Lapland adventures! As you can see, we penetrated a lot for a 1 week winter trip. There is so much to see and do in this awesome area and it would be easy to fill weeks instead of days. There is no doubt that the beauty and tranquility of Lapland make it so magical. A truly enchanting place to visit.

The initial shock was confusing. First, the pool was much deeper than we thought it would be, so it didn’t take long before we were deep in the icy water with no edge holding us back! I know we can expect it to cool, but it really shook our system. I grabbed the rope and found it frozen in place. Damn, it was cold here!

Before I knew it, Laura was gone and went back to the sauna, so I froze her limbs. And it felt like they were freezing. Fearing the children, I threw myself out of the ice pool along the icy wooden promenade and back into the heat of the smoke sauna. Only now did this boiling, hot sauna feel hot far away, my body felt so cold on the ice coil. I found Laura in the dark and slowly warmed our bodies for the next ten minutes until we started sweating again.

“Let’s go back to the ice!” Laura whispered to me. I couldn’t remember having no way to go back to that reel. A few minutes passed and as I watched several older couples dive again and again, I reluctantly went back to the pool.

Again, the cold, sharp air hit us as we ran along the wooden promenade, and this time there was no delay when we plunged into the icy water. The first effect was the same, massive cold shock that seemed to go in our veins. But after a while, everything was incredibly peaceful. It was still very cold, but this time we can stay longer. My limbs didn’t feel like going away this time. relief

I was speechless, I thought I might hear wrong. Maybe my ears were sweaty. But no, it was true, my wife is a greedy punishment. I am willing to an ice bath, if I never see ice bath anymore, it’s too early. But he insisted, he returned to the icy water. And then he went one last time.