I am keen on offering different alternatives on how and where to get the best experience in Scandinavia, regardless if you’re going camping, hiking or to explore yourself and nature. We are all living very different lives nowadays compared to 20-100 years ago and our focus on nature seems to be decreasing and gradually be exchanged for capitalism and materialism in all possible forms.

Who is the travelling guru behind the site?

That’s me! My name is Håkon and I’m a travelling guide from the north of Norway. I have lived in many places along the western coast of Norway and I’ve also had the chance to visit most popular but also the most interesting spots in Scandinavia.

Don’t know where to go?

I’m not here to tell you where to go, at all. I’m here to give you different suggestions and descriptions about each suggestion so that you can make a decent decision based on information gathered in different articles, from different journeys.

Don’t know how to go there?

Don’t worry about it, I’ve I covered that too! At least to a big extent. If you feel that something’s missing, please use the comment section and let me know so we can help other travellers to reach their dream destinations.

What do you do over there?

The destinations I’ve mentioned are generallCy big scars on the planet done by the same self-destructive planet. The mentioned spots cannot however guarantee an epic journey – everything is what you make out of it.

My Background

I’ve been travelling to different places around the world in the past 11 years and I still have a hard time to stay at one place, even if it’s just to catch my breath. I’ve been travelling every continent of the world but there’s something special about the rawness of Scandinavian nature.

Love for the nature

I don’t go to places to meet people or to see big buildings, they are petty things and to be honest, they are irrelevant to me. Taking the elevator to watch the view from the 100 meter building is not the same as climbing a mountain and look out over the view… My travelling tips are from a perspective that is basic and down-to-earth.


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