Don’t miss these places in Denmark


A particularly unique city in Denmark, Billund developed around the Lego toy company, which was founded in 1932. The Billund journey takes you on a journey through legends and traditions with creative toys. This Danish city is home to the large theme park Legoland, which offers world-famous plastic blocks around. Located in the center of Jutland, Billund is a humble town with a wonderful story to tell: it is the birthplace of LEGO, with its original LEGO factory and Legoland resort. Most people come down to Billund for an amusement park, and it’s a world-class attraction that little boys are sure to love. You will see the best Viking rune stones in Denmark, open-air museums of all kinds and face to face with the lion at Givskud Zoo if you spend part of your trip visiting this best city in Denmark.


More than a million tourists visit Copenhagen every year, but other Danish cities can often be overlooked. About an hour’s drive from the German border on the Jutland Peninsula, Kolding is a less explored part of the country, but because of its attractions, activities and enjoyment, it is well worth the trip. Kolding is famous for its pizza and is a short distance from the Jelling Stones, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And in the small town of Kolding with less than 100,000 inhabitants, there are many things that are sure to steal your heart.

One of the most famous landmarks in Denmark’s most popular city, the Royal Castle was founded in the 13th century and has since been used as a border guard, a royal residence and a location for local politics. Since the fire of 1808, Koldinghus has become a popular, attractive destination for advertisements and for those who want to enjoy the culture of the area. Resident Emma Tambo Simonsen describes Kolding as follows: “An emerging city. So the best places for tourists would be a mix of new and old – Koldinghus is the biggest attraction because of the history behind it. For centuries of history, see” on “.


With only 50,000 inhabitants, Roskilde is still a city worth visiting during your trip to Denmark. Roskilde is only 30 km west of Copenhagen and has several historical attractions, including first-century Viking ships and an active dock next to the harbor. In June and July, the Roskilde Festival invites the city for more than eighty days with more than 130,000 visitors from around the world with music, art, activism and events featuring more than 180 screens, delicious food and lots of entertainment. At other times of the year, this Danish top town is relatively quiet, but still offers many good attractions for the casual tourist. For a unique experience, consider driving west of town to the Land of Legends, where Actors create Stone Age life and Vikings in an interactive open-air museum.


The city of Helsingør (known as “Hamlet’s home”) is located on the shores of Sound in eastern Denmark. The 15th-century castle, Kronborg Castle, served as the backdrop for Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and is now the city’s most popular attraction. Helsingør is located on the Sound road opposite Helsingborg and is the gateway to Sweden. Many Swedes come to town to buy cheap alcohol. The prosperous city of Elsinore became wealthy by taxing trade on the Sound – this funded the magnificent medieval buildings we see today. However, you can also stop at the Danish M / S Maritime Museum or Kulturwerft to see more than 600 years of Danish history at sea. Plus, the Danish Queen’s summer house, Fredensborg Castle, is also relatively close to Elsinore, and you can take a day trip on a guided tour of this architecture. It’s great to walk the quaint streets with old wooden houses – it seems to be a world away from the busy shopping streets. The huge Kronborg Castle is the undisputed highlight of the city.


Don’t miss Esbjerg when it comes to the Danish cities worth visiting, the largest cities in the region. Esbjerg is a busy port city in the south-west of Jutland with beautiful views, shops, nightlife and fascinating museums. Esbjerg, a relatively new city based on oil, fishing and trade, is a prosperous place;